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Imposition of taxes

Representation of interests of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs

«Kaz Legal & Accounting Services (KLAS)» LLP offers You the special service «Representation of interests in State Revenue Committee». You will stay in your office, at home, attend business meetings, go abroad, not wasting your precious time for visiting the State revenue Committee. We will represent You or Your company on Your behalf.

According to sub-item 2 item 1 article 13 of Tax Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan a taxpayer has the right to represent his interests in relationships regulated by the tax legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan personally or through his representative, or participation of a tax adviser.

Preparation and submission of tax reports and annual declarations

According to item 1 article 26 of the Tax Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan the taxpayers shall submit the accounts to the tax authorities within the prescribed time limits. Upon failure to submit the tax returns in accordance with item 1 article 206 of the Code of Administrative Offences (CAO):

  • Failure to submit the tax returns by the taxpayer to the tax authority within the time limits prescribed by legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan:
    – Subject to warning of private persons, individual entrepreneurs, private notaries, private officers of court, lawyers, legal persons.
  • The infringement committed repeatedly according to item 1-1 article 206 of the Code of Administrative Offences (CAO) in the course of the year after imposition of an administrative punishment:
    – is subject to penalty on physical persons in the amount of fifteen monthly calculation indexes, on individual entrepreneurs, private notaries, private officers in court and lawyers – in the amount of thirty monthly calculation indexes, on legal entities being the small and medium-sized business entities or non-commercial organizations – in the amount of forty five monthly calculation indexes and on legal entities being the large-sized business entities – in the amount of seventy monthly calculation indexes.

«Kaz Legal & Accounting Services (KLAS)» LLP on the basis of presented documents and information submitted to You, will help You to prepare, fill in, correct and submit the required tax accounts and tax returns.

Overall declaration

Since the new year, 2015, the overall declaration of the income of population is introduced in Kazakhstan. As expected this measure will help to fight against corruption more effectively and the budget of the country will get more taxes from the population.

The public sector workers, personnel of national companies, state enterprises and employees of government – financed organization will be the first who accounts for their income. Since 2016 all other national adults of RK and persons who got the residence permit shall also account for their income.

The revenue and property (money, real estate, transport means), amounts of credit and debit debts when exceeding the 160-fold monthly salary (this is approximately 3 million tenge) not expressly specifying the source of wealth (this will be specified later) shall be included in tax declaration. Moreover, the physical persons shall provide the information on jewelry and specious metals, artwork and other property in case of exceeding its cost of 20 thousand US dollars (in equivalent to tenge).

You may address to us for assistance on preparation and submission of tax declaration where our specialists will render every assistance to You.

Preparation of response to notifications, release account from attachment

As of today, practically all taxpayers, in the event of the discovery of violations in their accounts, receive the notifications from tax authorities of in-house audit via the Internet portal «Taxpayer’s Webroom».

Failure to make corrections in the established time limits according to item 3 article 587 of the Tax Code of RK is subject to suspension of taxpayer’s bank accounts operations that correspondingly reflects adversely on the company activity. The timely prepared legally competent response will help You to avoid such hardships.

If the bank account is already blocked, we will help You to release your account from attachment.

Obtaining of duplicate documents, obtaining of certificates from State Revenue Committee

In our age of information technologies You often notice crowds of people near the windows in the tax administration building trying to submit their applications for obtaining of duplicate documents, tax liability / tax clearance certificates, application for obtaining of electronic key, etc. Visiting out office You save your time; our specialists will be capable to promptly prepare and fill in the required documents as well as get the response to those dopcuments in time limits established by legislation.

Tax advising

«Kaz Legal & Accounting Services (KLAS)» LLP has in own staffing list highly qualified specialists with work experience in many governmental agencies, national and consulting companies. You may address to us personally or electronically and we will try to answer all matters of Your concernment.

Development of tax accounting policy

The tax accounting policy is a document accepted by taxpayers (tax agency) and establishing the procedure of maintenance of tax records I compliance with the requirements of the Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan «On taxes and other obligatory payments to the budget.

The tax accounting policy may be included as a separate section in the accounting policy developed in accordance with international financial reporting standards and requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan on accounting and financial statements.

The accounting policy includes the following:

  • accounting documentation – for persons responsible for maintenance of accounting records in accordance with the legislative act on accounting and financial statements;
  • tax forms;
  • tax accounting policy;
  • other documents constituting grounds for determination of activity, estate and assets to tax and(or) objects related to imposition of taxes as well as documents for computation of tax liability.

Legal entity or individual entrepreneur independently develops and approves the tax accounting policy.

«Kaz Legal & Accounting Services (KLAS)» has experience of the development and preparation of the tax accounting policy. Based on our experience we will prepare Your tax accounting policy with the shortest possible period of time.

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