«Kaz Legal & Accounting Services (KLAS)»
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Телефон +7 (7122) 755 057 Адрес Republic of Kazakhstan, Atyrau, Zharbosynov street, 89A, BC Bai-Tal, office 15

Accounting and legal services in Atyrau. Highly experienced professionals.

«KAZ Legal & Accounting Services» is a team of accountants and lawyers who will help you to get over any accounting, tax and legal issues.


Legal services

Full legal support of the Client's business. Drafting contracts and legal documents.


Accounting services

Professional service and advice on maintaining, restoring and adjusting accounting, preparation of accounting policies.


Human resources

Subscriber service, audit of personnel records management, documentation and organization of work with personnel documents.



Preparation and submission of tax reports, general declaration, removal of seizure from a bank account, development of tax accounting policies.


About Us


A team of professionals Kaz Legal & Accounting Services will provide you with accounting and tax accounting solutions in atyrau

We specialize in accounting, tax and financial planning, HR administration and legal services, for this we have the necessary skills, experience and highly qualified specialists.


The client can outsource any its company’s non-core business processes: accounting and tax accounting, legal support, HR records management.


Consulting services are a core business for our company, which commits us to invest in upgrading the skills of our employees. At the same time, each of the employees specializes in a specific field, accumulating highly professional expertise.


Reducing client’s costs in business. Paying for the result and the time spent on work only. No staff costs: savings on wages, sick leave, vacation pay, compensations, taxes, contributions, etc.


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